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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
I would love for someone to explain how liking 3IOB live more than LOG, Chimaira, or Hatebreed is IGNORANT...

Having seen 3IOB, Hatebreed, and LOG atleast twice each, I absolutely agree with ranking them above HB and LOG in...well, not just live, but everything else. Of course, I haven't seen them since 07 so I don't know how they've been recently, but I enjoyed them quite a bit both times I saw them.
I've seen 3IOB twice also. 1st time they were the 1st opener in 07 and were pretty good. The ungodly high vocals got to me after a few songs but they had stage presence and there was some real energy there. Music was dated but I like 80's sounding stuff.

The last time I saw them in 09 they played way too much stuff off the newest cd which was so repetative and monotonic that I was bored as hell and walked out to hang with the smokers. I came back in for their 2 best songs at the end and the drummer literally looked like he was asleep. The singer stood in the same place, never moving and I pretty lost all respect for them as a live band. They would be WAY down my list of those bands.

That's my take. Even if you don't like Hatebreed, Jamey Jasta is a great frontman. Dude is going nuts and really getting the crowd into their performances. Shaking hands, making eye contact, getting people screaming along and really raising the energy level through the roof. Same with LOG, Chimaira & Shadows Fall. All great live bands with great frontmen.

It's not even close dude...
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