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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
I would love for someone to explain how liking 3IOB live more than LOG, Chimaira, or Hatebreed is IGNORANT...

Having seen 3IOB, Hatebreed, and LOG atleast twice each, I absolutely agree with ranking them above HB and LOG in...well, not just live, but everything else. Of course, I haven't seen them since 07 so I don't know how they've been recently, but I enjoyed them quite a bit both times I saw them.
Idk...I've seen 3IOB twice, which doesn't do justice I know, but both times were...rather meh, maybe because I'm not too big on their music. I've seen Hatebreed 3 times, and LOG 5, and I can say that both absolutely destroy live. Especially 2007 and earlier
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