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Originally Posted by evildeadjedi View Post
Actually, you're wrong there has been metal prior to the deathcore and math metal avant garde stuff of DEP of this year.

Body Count (rap metal but with balls)
Black Tide
Underoath (christian metal count?)
Limp Bizkit (nu)
Sevendust (nu)
Deftones (nu)
Godsmack (nu)
Every time I die (core)
Killswitch Engage (core)
Rollins Band (tough call)
Andrew WK (party)
Avenged Sevenfold (core)
Bullet for My Valentine (core)
Valient Thorr
I will continue this list a little more (thank you Wikipedia)
Agnostic Front (Real Hardcore)
All That Reamains (Core)
D12 (HAHA had to throw that out there...although it was '01 so they were actually there)
Darkest Hour
Hatebreed (Core)
As I Lay Dying (Core)
Six Feet Under (Death-ish... in 2000, I was shocked as well)

Just a few more to add
10/7 - Run The Jewels
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