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Originally Posted by Rmeiselman View Post
I wanted to give them another shot, so why not go to one of 4 club gigs this year?
Irony - I'm nearly positive with that description that I was next to / between all of you waiting in line. Were you in the group of the Dad and the 4 dudes, one of whom had pink eye?

Originally Posted by Rmeiselman View Post
Don was really funny in my opinion. He spouted off mostly metal-based humor that the crowd loved("The only thing longer than Tommy Lee's penis is a Dream Theater song").
Though he did mock me as "Wait... is that a man or a woman?" I <3 being in the front row

Originally Posted by Rmeiselman View Post
My first qualm about their set was the sound. I couldn't distinguish anything other than the drums and the vocals. The guitars and bass were just a blur of sound. That being said, the two people that really shined were Ripper and Richard Christy.
At least you could hear the vocals. Even those were messy from where I stood. However, I still preferred the normal volume vocals to the way Ripper overpowers everything on the album. Also, he has better timing live than recorded.

Here's the 100% correct setlist (my friend got the actual list, and there were about 5 songs crossed out aside from these) - you actually only missed one song

Blood On Wood
From The Abyss
Scream Machine
Creating Our Machine
Ghost Town
The Darkest Eyes
Fear In The Sky
Voices within the walls

Seconding everything you said about DT's show. It was at times beautiful, haunting, powerful, and hilarious. This was my second time seeing them and the first time GA style, and I'm so glad I got to be up front. That keytar / guitar battle was one of the highlights for me, the second being that I finally got to see Panic Attack Live. I would die happy if I could touch Rudess' keytar.

Also, hilarity ensued during Pull Me Under. Thank you, Portnoy, for randomly speeding the song up for shits and giggles. Thank you, LaBrie, for the memorable line "Arrows fly and then fuck up" to go along with that
blah/blah - shows. I go to them.

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