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For Hatebreed's set, did you hear "When I wake up, the true nightmare begins!" in the middle of one of their songs? If so, that would be Smash Your Enemies, and if they played that, their set would be perfect, in terms of a festival set.

Sucks Korn cut their set, but unfortunately, if they get the full time, we'll likely see them out in Coming Undone, and then Evolution...... I would prefer Dead Bodies or something like that, but playing something is better than standing there doing nothing, I guess..... lol

Zombie's set is a bit short, even for 60 minutes..... But he does talk a lot to the crowd, right? And was there a John 5 solo? :3

Family Guy is only funny when you're not thinking. If I have my laptop on, I'l put Family Guy on, because it doesn't require attention to the television to actually get jokes across. There's no real writing to it.
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