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Originally Posted by bobisdead911 View Post
Seriously if you have a problem with what I'm posting or like, then you can fuck right off! You don't have to say anything, I don't give a fuck whether you like it or not, if you like those shit bands, then you go see them and post them yourself, don't bitch at me because I didn't watch the bands that YOU like. Furthermore, it's not "being taken over" by those bands, it's actually the first time metal has even been on a Warped Tour, so get your fucking facts straight, it's usually emo shit like A Day to Remember and cry me a river shit like that, and thank god THEY weren't on it.
*fart noise*

And yes, it is "being taken over." There's obviously always been shitty bands on the tour; you can't have a huge festival like this without a few duds. But Warped Tour started out as a way to showcase new punk bands and get their names out there. Nowadays, it's all about getting as much money as possible from retarded teenagers who buy 3Oh!3 shirts with their mommy's credit card at Hot Topic.

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