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ugh me and RJTurtle and friends missed Chimaira and 3 Inches Of Blood due to alcohol in the parking lot
Luckily i made it just in time for Hatebreed(main reason i went).
I got up to the front. And me being the dumbass iam saw the HB drumset and everything.Some major asshole told me and my buddy,"nah dude theyre playing on the other stage". My stupid ass belived it. But luckily right away We knew we were getting fooled and got back to the front as I gave the same guy a dirty look. Hatebreed played and it was fuckin amazing. I was so thrilled to finally see them. After a while we reunited with Turtles gf and friends and we waited on the lawn rail. All of us kept making jokes on 5FDP for being lame. Lambchops came up and did a great job. Rob Zombie set was fuckin amazing. I recomend everyone who hasnt seen him to go ASAP. The only lame thing was he started his own Chant. Korn,me being a fan since I was 5,was strongly dissapointed. They started off slow but played the famous songs from the 90s so it was meh. Shoots and Ladders made me headbang like crazy. Over all a great show,but Rob shouldve headlined.
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