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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Hatebreed had to play more than 8 songs didn't they? That's only about half an hour...
That's only about 20 mins given how short their songs are. Aren't they headlining the second satge? I figured they would get around 35 mins or so. They can do at least 10 songs in that time if they just play straight through without much talking.

I'm not gonna give LOG any shit for not changing the set up at all. They don't do it when the play their own shows so why on earth would anyone expect them to do it when they only have like 35-40 mins?

I'm a little disappointed Shadows Fall isn't opening with My Demise still. Also, they need to get BATM out of there. They only got about a half hour to play, there's no time for a cover song. They got a lot of really good songs from their own catalog they can do instead.
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