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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Yes, they should. This isn't a band the caliber of Rush or Maiden here were talking about who still write great new material and can put a bunch of new shit in the set and fans will still love it.

Euphoria was the last album that was any good. *"X" was just fuckin awful* and Nine Lives had some all right tunes but with the exception of "Go" there's really nothing I'd wanna hear off it again.

If they can write a new album that's on the same level as their first four albums then sure, they can do more new stuff and not be a nostalgia act. Unfortunately that's never gonna happen. They're more conserened with being famous and trying to write the next hit single instead of just writting a good album and not caring like they did with Slang.
Disagree, I love all there albums
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