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Originally Posted by JudasPriest89 View Post
They shouldn't consider themselves a nostalgia act...
Yes, they should. This isn't a band the caliber of Rush or Maiden here were talking about who still write great new material and can put a bunch of new shit in the set and fans will still love it.

Euphoria was the last album that was any good. "X" was just fuckin awful and Nine Lives had some all right tunes but with the exception of "Go" there's really nothing I'd wanna hear off it again.

If they can write a new album that's on the same level as their first four albums then sure, they can do more new stuff and not be a nostalgia act. Unfortunately that's never gonna happen. They're more conserened with being famous and trying to write the next hit single instead of just writting a good album and not caring like they did with Slang.
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