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When Manowar stopped fighting the world...

I sometimes very much wish I had the wherewithall to have seen (the) Manowar perform live when I first discovered them.

When my dorky friends and I discovered the release of Kings Of Metal, we could not be more psyched. One of them, He Who Played Priest's Defending the Faith, brought us Fighting The World. This other friend, over time, successfully overplayed Defender to death several times over.

From what I can remember, songs like Violence & Bloodshed and the last song saga that is Black Wind, Fire & Steel stood out the most. Kingdom of Steel, topping what I liked about Fighting The World, yet bringing more of it. Wheels of Fire, that crunchy opener blowing me away. Heart of Steel as the power ballad, Sting of the Bumblebee made all the more awesome when I learned it was a bass guitar and The Warrior's Prayer plus Blood of the Kings as KoM's last song saga.

And then there was the Triumph of Steel.

When i first saw the tracklisting, my heart did sink. Not only was That First Track was 30 minutes long, it was subject matter that I did not expect to see on one of their records. Nevermind the length, listening and reading the lyrics confirmed for me that they either might have peaked and/or were too self absorbed to bring to the material what they knew.

Specifically, as I understand the ancient Greek mentality, it was not the way the Norse traditions approached things. True, they would go to battle to the death, mothers saying to their sons, "You'll either bring this shield to me or you will be on it", but the Greeks approached honor and duty and even leisure differently. my minor in Ancient Greek Civ is my only cred as well as the feel of the material and what my addled brain can remember.

There are other tracks that have their strengths as well as flaws, then they went Louder Than Hell. And to keep it short, this record gets a D+. I can't say they failed, but

Don't try to understand me my family never will
Had to punch my teacher out now he's chilled
I might stay in school or die in prison
Either way it's my decision one more beer and heavy metal
And I'm just fine

does speak for itself on a mayriad of levels, also quite possibly explaining a rather lot.
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