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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
Depends. This year alone, I've seen albums leak 4 months in advance, and some that leaked 3 days in advance.
Well, I got the new Megadeth about a week and a half ahead of time and the new Nevermore a month before the release date. So it should be up somewhere before it's released. I'll still buy the album but there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of it being available to listen to before the street date.

Originally Posted by The Green and Black View Post
I can wait, I'll buy it when FYE has it for 9.99 (probably first week it's out given Maiden's popularity) but then probably won't open it until who knows when
Damn, FYE is still in business where you live? Three out of the four in my area have closed within the last six months. Besides Wall-Mart and Best Buy i'm not gonna have too many places to get CDs anymore around here.
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