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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
Yeah, but the superstar mentality and culture is much more prevalent and important in the NBA then in any other pro sport.
I think that could have to do with how many guys per team matter, honestly.

On a baseball team, all eight batters need to be solid on defense and at the plate, and without at least three or four solid starting pitchers and a half-dozen reliable guys in your bullpen, you're toast. On a football team, you're looking at 22 guys who play half the game each, plus special teams is so vital for winning. Hockey, sure there's only six guys on the ice at once, but don't most teams want a solid backup goalie and three or four full lines of skaters?

In basketball, really only 10 guys play, and really only 8 of those have to contribute in any real way on a championship team. Hell, Ohio State had a six-man rotation last year and won the Big Ten. I think that kind of weight on the shoulders of the starters breeds some of that culture.
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