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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
I think he did it in a fucking cowardly way, though. To go on TV and shove a knife in Cleveland's back like that was classless. Especially to go to a city where, by all accounts, no one gives a shit about sports.

The fact that I'm madder about this than you are is deeply confusing to me
When the Cavs play the Heat, I'm sure I'll be foaming at the mouth every time he scores, but right now, I guess I'm trying to keep a cool head. And yes, doing it on live TV was awful. If he went on live TV to say he was staying in Cleveland, it would have been totally okay because it's not like he owes Miami or Chicago or New York anything anyway, and they'd be disappointed, shrug, and walk away. But leaving Cleveland on TV...yeah, there were better ways to handle that.

Anyway, it's impossible not to make him seem like a villain, and I can understand that he wants to win a championship. It's not like the Heat could get past the Lakers anyway, even if they make it to the Finals.
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