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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Always? I mean, are all bands good enough to do "unconventional" setlists? This setlist fucking sucks precisely because it's lacking trademark QR songs, because those are their good songs - or to be more accurate, their good albums.
Basically, yes. If a band even has a "hits" set then they have enough material and have been playing for long enough to change that shit up. I don't need to hear Empire, Best I Can, Silent Lucidity, Eyes of A Stranger etc. every time. I've seen those. Now I want to see something else.

This is set is unbalanced. They went a bit too far in changing it, although I still approve. But the same songs tour after tour is boring and for a band with their wealth of material, this is precisely the kind of thing they should be doing now.

Besides which, their best song is 'London', and they never play that.

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