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Originally Posted by Maidenmagic View Post
Eyes of a stranger
Walk in the shadows
I don't believe in love
Best I can
Take hold of the Flame
I have no need for these to be in the setlist every time. They've played them a lot, so I'm all for changing things. This new setlist is quite a drastic change, but I like that. It needs more Tribe, but different setlist are awesome. Hits setlists blow.

I admit they could have struck a better balance, but fuck it. A band that age has every right to be proud of their output and want to play it. I hate when old bands with a ton of albums are too scared to play the less popular stuff. At their age they should have the balls to say "fuck the greatest hits whiners" and play what they want. Just be sensible and don't do it tour after tour because the attendance will decrease. People are fickle like that.

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