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Originally Posted by Maidenmagic View Post
I didn't even go to the show and I demand a refund!
Eyes of a stranger
lady wore black
Walk in the shadows
I don't believe in love
Queen of the reich
Best I can
Take hold of the Flame
are nowhere to be found!
And people complain about the Maiden set....
Well, both Maiden and Queensryche have problems when it comes to sets. At least with Maiden this time around the deep cuts they're choosing are actually good songs. Queensryche seems to go out of their way to play bad songs.

Also, you've got WITS and IDBIL listed as not being played but they were in the set. EOAS should be in no matter how tired they may get of it. That song is the reason a lot of people became fans of theirs. But at least this time there was some stuff off of OMC unlike last summer when they didn't do anything from it.

I wouldn't expect to hear much off their EP or Warning at all. While Geoff can still sing very well, the notes he's gotta hit for those songs are gonna be very difficult for him now. The man is 51 years old there's no way he can do something like QOTR now and do it justice.

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