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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Dude, do you really need a 1-hour special to know he's going to Miami. He'll be the most hated players in sports not named Tiger Woods after this. ESPN has devoted 56 of the last 70 hours of programming to this assclown and after he betrays his hometown, shits on NY (which I love by the way) and tries to buy a dynasty in Miami, who won't hate him? Other than the million cubans in Miami of course.

Even been to Miami? His stock and endorsements will increase tenfold. Dude it's 99.9 Miami. If I'm wrong, call me out, but I won't be. They colluded and planned this shit a month ago and the NBA is a total joke for allowing it.

Guess who joins them next year? Carmelo Anthony. Glad I won't be watching that farce of a sport.

BRING ON FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All I'm saying is wait until he makes a move before you start your guns blazing. If you're ultimately correct about this, it's not like it takes a rocket scientist to see it coming, as it's one of the likely scenarios. If it doesn't play out that way, then you look like an idiot. I'm just saying hold your horses, son. There'll be plenty of time for whining and bitching after the announcement.

...and as far as the ego thing goes, I somewhat agree with you there, but then again we haven't seen what the special is going to be. What if it turns out to be some kind of heart-felt message? How will you feel then?

Finally, regarding your comment about the 56 of the last 70 hours being spent discussing LeBron or whatever - I have no idea where you're getting your numbers but regardless of how much time the media devotes to him, it isn't under his control what they decide to cover. He may enjoy all the hype and use it to his advantage, but first of all, he isn't in control of it, and secondly, wouldn't you do the same thing if you had the opportunity? Be honest, now...
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