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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
^ Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy there, champ. First of all, LeBron hasn't even announced what he's going to do yet. Even if he does leave - and trust me when I tell you that I will be one of many who would be extremely disappointed to see that happen - how does that make him a doucheclown? It depends on what his motives are, doesn't it? How could you possibly claim to know what those are?

I'm also puzzled because when you say he will be vilified, it almost sounds like you're sympathizing with him, but then you join in the roasting by calling him names before he's even made a move. You're confusing me, man.
Dude, do you really need a 1-hour special to know he's going to Miami. He'll be the most hated players in sports not named Tiger Woods after this. ESPN has devoted 56 of the last 70 hours of programming to this assclown and after he betrays his hometown, shits on NY (which I love by the way) and tries to buy a dynasty in Miami, who won't hate him? Other than the million cubans in Miami of course.

Even been to Miami? His stock and endorsements will increase tenfold. Dude it's 99.9 Miami. If I'm wrong, call me out, but I won't be. They colluded and planned this shit a month ago and the NBA is a total joke for allowing it.

Guess who joins them next year? Carmelo Anthony. Glad I won't be watching that farce of a sport.

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