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Promised Land for me. They haven't done anything I think is worth a shit since then. AS was a cool idea and I thought some of the songs were good but it's not something I get the craving to hear at all.

I thought OMC2 was not needed at all as it was nothing more than an attempt to sell some albums and get people to know they were still alive by putting the OMC name on it. The first Mindcrime is so awesome there was no need for a follow up at all. Not even Dio being a special guest on OMC2 could save the album.

HITNF had some ok tunes but overall it had nothing special. Q2K is one of the biggest pieces of crap i've ever heard a great band do. Tribe did nothing for me either. Queensryche has really lost their way musically. They've been bad for so long that I don't think they're ever gonna come back from it. Honestly, there has never been a band that i've been more disappointed in when it comes to their releases over the last decade.
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