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Faith No More -- Brooklyn, NY -- July 2nd, 2010


From out of Nowhere
Land of Sunshine
Surprise! You're dead
Last Cup of Sorrow
Cuckoo for Caca
Midlife Crisis
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Ashes to Ashes
I Started a Joke
King For a Day
Just a Man

Encore 1:
Chariots of Fire
Be Aggressive

Encore 2: We Care a Lot

Soooo we get off the L train and start walking to the water. We get to the venue and wow. Right on the east river, face to face with Manhattan. This is the most breathtaking venue I've ever seen a show at. The weather is perfect: a few puffy clouds in the sky as the sun sets the summer night.

Merch tent: 20 DOLLAR SHIRTS!!!! I bought two because they were so cheap. Really good shit happening here, boys and girls. How many tour shirts with 6 dates on the back are you gonna get for 20 bones?

We get up towards the stage and Rahzel is doing some shit. It sounds awesome. Then he busted out with the legendary "If your mother only knew" thing with the beat and the chorus at the same time. It's really sick how he can do that.

Next is the comedian guy. He purposely tells a bunch of horrible jokes and the hipsters get pissed. I laugh at him and them. The hipsters are not gonna know what hit them.

With a tinge of daylight remaining, FNM takes the stage. The usual suits are on and the boys all look a lot older. They start playing and holy fuck is all I can say. Since it's hipsters I get up to the front SO easy and get to go all sorts of off the whole set. "The Pit" could've been handled by Lieutenant Dan so it was sweet not having to worry about pay attention to the music, the view, and the good times. My calves were buring the next day from all the jumping. This show just flat out kicked all sorts of ass. When the anticipation boiled over into the first encore, the place fuckin popped. The sound was nothing short of perfect and everything sounded right on. Seeing this on Friday actually but a sort of damper over the rest of my excellent weekend. It was kind of like, "well, what the fuck and I supposed to do after that?"

Not going to see Primus at this place would wholly prevent anybody from leading a non-shitty life. Get your tickets now.
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