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Originally Posted by Maidenmagic View Post
It's incredible that these guys have the energy to do a headline show while supporting the biggest band on the planet. I hope they weren't jabbing Maiden. If they were, then they would have to be kicked off the tour.
I don't think it's that incredible that they have the energy to play a headline set at all. They're only doing 50 mins opening for Maiden so they have the spare energy. What I find more incredible about is that Maiden is up in Canada right now and DT makes a special trip to come back over to the US to play a show. They could've easily just played somewhere in Toronto or Ottawa area or whatever but they came to lowly old Buffalo, NY instead They probably did that because Maiden continuosly avoids this area. Not counting 2005s Ozzfest the last time Maiden played here on their own was in 2000 So i'd like to thank Dream Theater for finding our city and it's fans worhty enough to play in front of despite the fact that Maiden does not.

I forgot to mention in my review that I was in the second row behind the rail between James and John and while i've seen them before I was never that close to them. To see John do his solos on all the songs that up close was an amazing experience. I'm not a musician at all but I can tell by watching him just how awesome what he does on guitar is. My respect has gone up for him even more now.

I'm not sure if DT would get kicked off the tour just because they were taking a jab at Maiden. I mean what are the odds that what they said is really gonna get back to them? Unless Steve Harris decides to read my review here or one on the DT board, which I doubt will happen
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