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Dream Theater -- Buffalo, NY -- July 5th, 2010

source: me

A Nightmare To Remember
Constant Motion
A Rite Of Passage
John Solo
Hollow Years
The Mirror
Panic Attack
As I Am
Pull Me Under/Metropolis

The Count Of Tuscany

An off date from the Maiden tour and just a fantastic show. The band was great and so was the crowd. The venue they played, the Town Ballroom, only fits 1200 and it was deffinitely packed. If it wasn't sold out it was damn sure close. They changed the order a bit from their other one off shows and we also got Wither

It was very cool to see them play a stripped down show. The lighting was very basic, actually the lights were almost non-existant. It seemed to me they used what the venue had and that was it. No video screens of anything at all, just them playing the music and kicking ass. The crowd was great all show, singing along with everything and cheering after all of John's solos. James who can somtimes be inconsistant with his vocals live sounded excellent to me. There was no issues with his voice tonight that I could tell. The rest of the band was great as well.

The show started about 9:15 and was over around 11:30. So, it looks like DT is getting back to playing the longer sets instead of that 90 minute crap they did on prog nation last summer. James mentioned how they were touring with Maiden and then Mike started playing the opening drum line to RTTH. Mike said "we'll play it since you're not gonna hear them do it" Then John played the riff to The Trooper for like 15 seconds and then stopped. I wonder if they're taking a jab at Maidens lack of classics in the set or if they were just fuckin around?

They really did put together and excellent well balanced set that everyone enjoyed. The band and the crowd had great energy throughout the whole show. I liked this performance so much that in my 18 years of going to rock/metal shows this is easily a top 10 show of all time for me.
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