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i've gotten MANY guy friends into metal. i would wear tour shirts and band tees a lot in high school so everyone knew i listened metal. occasionally people would ask me to play them stuff and they would like it. i'm the reason almost all my friends go to shows. for example, i've convinced about more than 10 of my friends to go to Mayhem Fest with me. most of them aren't that into metal but they want to experience a metal festival because they've liked what i've showed them, or they just want to go. last year i convinced 5 friends to go to Summer Slaughter, 2 out of 5 friends knew some of the bands while the other 3 had never really listened to any bands on the lineup. they all had a lot of fun and even said they're up for Summer Slaughter again this year.

i don't shove metal down anyone's throats though. like DethMaiden said metal really isn't for everyone.

but yeah as for female friends, i don't think any of my female friends like metal. most of them rock or music you can dance to.
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