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Man this band is taking a nasty, nasty fall from grace. First their personal lives were all outed. Then they got booed at Brazil for playing all new stuff, then Scott outed them for lying about the real reason why he left. I mean all bands do that, but they went so far to say that his son was ill. This terrible Heaven & Hell cover just might be the straw the breaks the camel's back. Manowar shouldn't be doing covers anyway. Part of their allure is that they are a self-contained massive entity.

Man, I don't even know if a reunion tour with Ross the Boss (with the songs played in the right key) can save them now.

Also a note to all would be Dio tributers: STOP FUCKING COVERING HEAVEN & HELL! If you assholes aren't careful, people are going to be just as sick of that song as they are Iron Man. Dio has a long and rich catalogue in metal. For everyone to cover one song is an insult to him.
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