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A Manowar hate-thread at Ultimate Metal

First, while I am a fan of the Manowar, I am not so serious about them because if I were, I would not be posting this.

Second, let me also say trolls are welcome to trash the Manowar as they see fit.

NOW, I don't go to Ultimate Metal very often, unless I need a setlist, but while I was perusing the Nevermore section with respect to a most likely non-existent date that would have been perfect for me, I came across this thread.

I am posting the link to the thread because I am all thumbs when it comes to embedding a youTube video. I tried copying the "embed html", but then i was all thumbs again trying to convert it so it can be seen and played.

Anyway, I don't really hear what they hear, so I offer it to you guys to dissect and analyze, to condemn or condone (i am assuming mostly condemn, but feel free to surprise me).
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