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It does seem strange that Portnoy was there considering the Maiden tour is in Canada right now and even on a day off that's still a decent trip from like Saskatoon to KC. He has to go through three states to get to Kansas. Plus all the border crossing BS you gotta go through. Unless he took a plane than there wouldn't have been much of a problem getting there.

It's odd that what the reviewer is criticizing Rush for is the actualy reason I love them live. They play the songs perfectly, the exact way every fan knows them from listening to the CD, with the exception of the extended jams they do at the end of CTTH and Bravado live. Rush has been playing like that live for most of their touring life. So, for a writter to be taking issue with that now, at this point in Rush's career, shows what an idiot he truely is.

Also, Rush doesn't even listen to their own music at all until it's time for them to tour and they listen to what songs they've decided to play. That's also why Neil's drum fills are exactly as they are on the albums. They're not the type of band that sits around all day and goes "how can I make this more intresting live?" They're Rush they don't have to do that live because their songs are good enough the way they are originally. Seems the writer doesn't have much knowledge of how Rush operates. But then again most reviewers of anything in music don't seem to at all.
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