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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Ooh, I've not seen that tired excuse for some time! Retro!

And you're right here, it's not that we don't know that makes it meaningless. It's that you could substitute absolutely any big band's name into the first part of the question, absolutely any smaller-band-with-a-bit-of-success's name into the second part, and still not have anything to discuss.

What other people have brought up, which is far more relevant, is what the big four actually think of each other, because there's an actual relationship there. Not the point of the thread at all, even if you want to try to claim that's the discussion you were trying to inspire, but a far more reasonable tangent nonetheless.

And on that subject, I doubt Slayer and Megadeth think they're better off than Metallica. They may believe they've produced better music over the same period, but all three bands are in the same position with regards to the obligation to play hits in their sets, but Metallica get to do it to more people in more places and make more money, and there's no delusion Slayer or Megadeth can have that would make them feel better off than that.

Anthrax are of course nowhere near any of them, and are probably the most realistic of the four anyway, so probably don't have any delusions of grandeur at all. Which is why Scott Ian happily whores himself out to any sniff of a "super group" occasion he can get his hands on, even if he has to play bass like he did with Rob Zombie, Slash and Ace Frehley.
Ok first you're welcome for the retro thing, you seem to have enjoyed that. And second, I'm not trying to claim anything if it was my intent. You took it in a direction I knew would happen from someone. But having said that I do think you bring up a lot of valid opinions. Hell my band "headlined" an open mic night and we though we were hot shit cos we were the only band on the bill; referring to your bigger and smaller bands comment. Whatever. Enjoy your life.
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