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Originally Posted by Breezy View Post
i wish they weren't playing all of moving pictures! i mean, they did every song from the album except "the camera eye" last time they toured
They didn't do all of Moving Pictures except Camera Eye on the last tour. They did TS,LL,WH and YYZ last tour. Reb Barchetta was last played in 2005 and Vital Signs in 2002. The Camera Eye hasn't been played since 1982

Originally Posted by Breezy View Post
damn. i was hoping for new world man, superconductor, or the pass. thats 0 outta 3 for me
Superconductor will probably never get played again. New World Man and The Pass were last played in 2002.

Originally Posted by fonzbear2000 View Post
Too bad they have to play when it's still daylight, preventing the audience from seeing the full light show.
Here's the thing though since it's still light out they don't do any big stage effects until it gets dark out. So it's really a mute point.

Originally Posted by Maidenmagic View Post
Pretty good set, although I wish they would bring back "Xanadu." I love time stand still. I wonder who does the female background vocals?
Xanadu was last played in 2005. So it's not like it's been away for a long time yet. The female vocals on TSS live are nothing more than the original recording that Aimee Mann did on it back in 1987. All they do is hit a pedal to active the sound affect and there you go.

I hope i'm not coming off as to arrogant of a Rush fan here. It's just people are acting like it's been forever since some of these songs they're mentioning were played. When in fact most of them have been played on recent tours.

I like the set here. I'll be seeing them for the seventh time on July 23rd and I'll be getting seven songs i've never heard before live. Rush always gives you your money's worth every time.
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