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Just got home from the show and I must say that it was awesome!! Definitely better than Snakes and Arrows tour imo. The show started around 7 45 with a video of them doing some acting skit idk it was funny but weird. Then Spirit of Radio started, continuing the same set as reported earlier. The crowd seemed to die out for awhile due to the songs that they played but it picked up once Freewill started. Marathon was AMAZING to hear live.

The second set had a little ticker with the year 1974 to start off and it slowly turned to 1980 where began another video of them acting, this time trying to film Tom Sawyer video. Then started Moving Pictures, which was played flawlessly and without stopping. The Camera Eye was brilliant. Caravan followed and it sounded better live then the in the studio imo. Neil's drum solo was after and as amazing as it always is, I thought it could have been a little better but whatever. CTTH was cool, with a different ending. 2112 was EPIC as always! Far Cry seemed a little out of place to end the main set in the midst of 4 70s songs but oh well. La Villa and WM had a different start then normal for each but they were pretty good. Alex nailed that solo in La Villa =D then the show ended and they had this hilarious video with these 2 guys getting caught backstage by Rush. lmao.

So there is my review (quite crappy compared to others but oh well), to all who are debating see this show, end your debate and go buy yourself a ticket!!
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