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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
The hardcore fans shouldn't have a problem with this setlist given everything I just said, and the casual fans are still getting 6 hits (plus The Wicker Man, which practically is a hit too), to satisfy them.
You're right the hardcore fans, myself included, won't have a problem with this set at all. But that only makes up a few thousand of the 15-20 thousand that seen Maiden at each show. They're not catering to the masses that are coming to see them is what the main issue is. Also, do you honestly think the casual Maiden fan has a clue or even gives a shit what Wrathchild, Iron Maiden and Running Free are? I'm love Maiden to death and could care less about those songs. So why does anyone think a "casual" is gonna care at all?

I'm not saying Maiden should play The Trooper and TMTM for the billionth time this tour but would it kill them to at least represent POM and PS with one song each? Those are the two albums that are mainly responsible for the fanbase they have gained today. Yet, nothing from either of them and don't anyone give me crap about how last tour was the classics tour and that's why they're not doing it this time around. Maiden didn't exactly give many Americans a chance to see the SBIT tour at all. They had 18 US dates only for that tour. Not exactly doing their best to make sure all the fans can see them do a classic set.

I don't mind that Maiden is doing a bunch of newer stuff this tour. It's just their selection of old material this time around that makes me wonder. I don't think there's too many people going to see them who hoping beyond hope that the below average Wrathchild and the craptastic Running Free get played. One of the main things live is to make sure the crowd is into it and stays intrested. From some of the reports i've read on this tour it looks like there's large pockets of people at every show just not caring at all. You can't do that if you want people to come back and see you again next time around. At least that's the case in the US markets.

Where Maidens faults are in the sets is where Rush shines in theirs. Even before they started doing the evening with format in 1996 Rush always played sets that included the main hits but also included many deep cuts. Rush is just about the best at pleasing THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE when it comes to setlists selections. First of all, they always open the show with a couple of big hits to you know, get everyone into the show right off the bat. Then they do some deeps cuts and a few new songs for the diehards. Then it's right back into a few more big hits and they repeat that format for the rest of the show.

Not only Maiden but all bands can take lessons from Rush on how to make a setlist. Also, unlike Maiden, Rush does extensive US tours every time they go out on the road and give the vast majority of their fans a chance to see them.

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