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i wouldnt say they might've laughed at Sepultura, but im sure they are aware of the issue youre pointing out... its kinda the same for other seminal thrash bands like death angel, hyrax exodus and testamnt that are not very well known (if at all) outside metal circles... i have yet to meet the exodus/testament bay area/old bridge militia fan that does not play an instrument to some degree of proficiency, what im trying to say is that it seems to me that unless youre genuinly interested on what these bands have to offer (musically and what not) common interest for these bands is relatively limited.

im sure Paul Di'anno has wished at some point he had straightened up before getting fired from Maiden, same as Mustaine or (kerry) King thinking of their firing from each respective band (metallica and megadeth respectively) as a great career move and blessing in disguise
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