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Anybody else think the Big Four have laughed at Sepultura?

Ok first things first, I absolutely love Sepultura and I'm not bashing them at all, I like Max's and Derek's respective eras just the same. It's like the Danzig/Graves eras of the Misfits, I love em just the same. But with Sepultura's dip in success(as far as the U.S. goes and somewhat in other places) and Soulfly's numbers in success, do you think the Big Four, most of whom have played and toured with Sepultura; do you think any members (probly Mustaine ) have laughed at Sepultura's losing of Max and/or their success? Cos they kinda got left behind, they haven't been in the U.S. (as Sepultura not individually) since 12.22.2006 Pomona, CA - USA : The Glass House
Not trying to offend or bash anyone. Thoughts.
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