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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
Yeah, but when it was done the last two times, it was a string of albums that half the fans didn't get to see live when they happened. Not to mention how many of the 80s era songs were played once or not at all?
Well, this brings me back to my other constant point. We shouldn't be weighing Maiden doing this current set against them doing a set consisting of several rare old songs, because they never, ever do that. Even when they've done these retro tours, they always go for the most predictable stuff. Moonchild was the only big surprise on the Somewhere Back In Time. In their entire career Maiden have never not played a song on its album's tour and then played it later. Even their non-themed hits tours are merely just cycling back through the same old hits with very few, if any, surprises. So weighing that against this... this is a no brainer of preference for me.
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