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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I'm so tired of arguing about this. What makes this setlist is good is that they're playing 6 songs that have only previously been played on one tour, and only 6 songs that have ever been played on more than 3 tours (one of which has been played incredibly sparingly over the past decade). Aside from album tours, this is the only tour they've ever done that has statistics looking like that. And sure, depending on which songs they chose to play, there'd be plenty of reason to bitch, because no one wants to see obscure, crappy, 90s songs. But the reunion albums are more than well-received overall, and the songs they're playing on this tour are pretty much the best-received songs from those albums. The hardcore fans shouldn't have a problem with this setlist given everything I just said, and the casual fans are still getting 6 hits (plus The Wicker Man, which practically is a hit too), to satisfy them. Also, this is the first time in Maiden history they are doing a show-to-show rotation. Problems? I see none.

Overall, if this set is true, I can say I saw two great sets from my two favorite bands in the same summer. nothing wrong with that at all. Great year for concerts
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