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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
yeah because i'm really going to type perfectly and capitalize everything that needs to be capitalized on a message board to prove to someone i don't even know that i can spell and write.

get your head out of your ass. deathcore and metalcore are subgenres of metal. they have hardcore influences so they have breakdowns. you're exactly like every loser metalhead on youtube that views bands they hate just to post a comment that says "this isn't true metal, this sucks, you kids don't know true metal."
So you just expect everyone to believe you have an IQ higher than 85 because you say you do. Sure buddy.

Deathcore and metalcore may have stemmed from metal, but it is not metal. Just because something stems from something else, does not make them the same. It's called evolution. Or, in this case, de-evolution, since deathcore is lesser music than metal.
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