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Very little "metal" has been at Warped Tour even though there have been tons of different genres of music present.

Body Count (rap metal but with balls) I remember when they played a bunch of people were booing and Ice-T said "All y'all motherfuckers booin, you probably think Ice-T shouldn't be up on this stage. You think I don't know shit about punk rock, about heavy metal, but you know what? I did joints with motherfuckin' Slayer. I did a joint with The Exploited. So fuck you!" After that the crowd stopped booing it was classic! After that they played "There goes the neighborhood" and the place went ballistic.

Black Tide
Underoath (christian metal count?)
Limp Bizkit (nu)
Sevendust (nu)
Deftones (nu)
Godsmack (nu)
Every time I die (core)
Killswitch Engage (core)
Rollins Band (tough call)
Andrew WK (party)
Avenged Sevenfold (core)
Bullet for My Valentine (core)
Valient Thorr

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