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Originally Posted by Magson13 View Post
You're the one who keeps saying the exact same thing, which I have disproven over and over again. You keep responding to me, but you make no valid points. I'm the one here that is having an argument with a troll, because you do not comprehend logic, yet you keep saying things.

I have never once said that it is wrong to like a band that sucks. All I've said is reasons why white chapel is not good. You're the one getting asshurt that a band you like is not good.
you haven't proved anything. i'm not defending Whitechapel at all, i could care less that you hate them and think they suck. but you're logic for saying it's a fact a band sucks is retarded. okay whatever, you think they suck, i think they're good. we're both different people so we have different music tastes.

and whether you like it or not deathcore and metalcore are considered metal no matter how "untr00 metal" you think they are.
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