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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
it's a joke site in a way, those aren't facts, i never said it was. but what it says is pretty true.

again i'm not gonna argue with you with whole "it's a fact that they suck BS." by you're logic the only good bands are bands who write complicated tabs that you can musturbate to, such as Nile and Necrophagist (who i both like btw), but anything that is easy to play lacks skill and sucks is stupid logic.

and by the way i got a B and an A- in senior English class semesters and i maintain a 3.0 in college. do not try to make me feel like an idiot because "i don't understand why they suck" logic. get your fucking head out of your ass.

and don't respond to this. arguing with you is equivalent to arguing with someome on blabbermouth or youtube.
You're the one who keeps saying the exact same thing, which I have disproven over and over again. You keep responding to me, but you make no valid points. I'm the one here that is having an argument with a troll, because you do not comprehend logic, yet you keep saying things.

I have never once said that it is wrong to like a band that sucks. All I've said is reasons why white chapel is not good. You're the one getting asshurt that a band you like is not good.
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