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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
Funny true definitions for metal elitists from urban dictionary:

1:A person who believes their metal music is superior to other people's music. These people only listen to metal music and categorize metal through sub-genres. Some metal elitists are so wound up, that they tend to only listen to one type of metal sub-genre. Metal Elitists are usually found listening to underground metal bands and cut down other people's musical taste if it is not up to par with their own.
2:A rude metalhead who tells people they "aren't a real metalhead" or a calls them a "poser" because they dont like/listen that particular sub-gerne of metal. They put others down for their musical taste or if they don't like the same bands as them, they think they know what "real metal" is.

and i could care less that you're saying Whitechapel sucks, i just find it funny how you say "oh no, it's a fact they suck, it's not an opinion, it's just a fact." and i also find it hilarious that you automatically assume i'm a scene kid for listening to Whitechapel.
Oh man, urbandictionary.... That means it must be absolutely, 100% true. Just like wikipedia, there's absolutely no way that the information is incorrect.

It is a fact. I've already explained why, and I'm not going into it again. If you cannot comprehend that, then there is no hope for you to pass high school english class.
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