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Originally Posted by elturtleboy View Post
Yes! ahhh finally someone here appreciates punk rock
It's what I got into back at the end of high school and was deep into till 02' and I still like it!

Over the years, I have seen some great punk and hardcore bands at Warped Tour like: the Descendents, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, The Vandals, Warzone, Sick of it all, 7 seconds, Agnostic Front, Rancid (maybe), Dropkick Murhpy's, Suicidal Tendencies(cross over), CIV, Pennywise, NOFX, Anti-Flag, TSOL, Snapcase, FEAR, The Casualties, The Business, The Misfits, The Damned, and Total Chaos. Sadly, the tour has lost it's roots and is all about Mallcore and Emo today. Punk music is also fairly dead in my area there are very few punk shows anymore.

By the way, I'm very envious that the west coast is getting all the Bad Brains dates!

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