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Warped Tour -- Carson, CA -- June 25th, 2010

Of Legions (intro)
Darkest Day of Man
Vicer Exciser
Eternal Refuge
Prayer of Mockery
This is Exile (w/ wall of death)

Suicide Silence
Wake Up
No Pity For a Coward

Parkway Drive
Samsara (intro)
Idols and Anchors
Romance is Dead
Dead Man's Chest

all 3 sets are complete and in order.

all 3 bands were A LOT of fun. lots of circle pits and mosh pits. hardcore dancing too but w/e let them do their thing since they didn't bother the moshers.

Emmure got the crowd really into it but it was lame, just a bunch of brocore wiggers dancing in the pit the entire time. then again that's exactly what i expected. as much as i hate them i gotta admit they are entertaining and know how to work a crowd even if their music is terrible.

Four Year Strong suprised me. they were a lot of fun live and know how to work a crowd. i'm gonna re-listen to their studio stuff.

Alkaline Trio was alright but a bit boring after awhile. for anyone who ever listened them: i know they opened with Private Eye.

G.B.H. was fun. the only song i knew was Big Women though.

Attack Attack was lame and boring.

i watched the last 2 songs of Bring Me The Horizon right after Parkway Drive finished and they were fucking lame. apparently my friend said the last few times he saw them the circle pits were fun and crazy. the singer called for a circle pit but i guess the 15 year old scene kids don't know what know that is.

i really wanted to see Sum 41 and somewhat of the Casualties but they played the same time as Parkway Drive so i chose them instead. i also wanted to see Dillinger Escape Plan from the good things i've heard about them but they played the same time as Sucide Silence. they're all playing all dates and i'm going to go again in august when it comes in my area again so i'll see them all then.

overall a very fun show primarily for the 3 bands i came to see.
i know everyone hates these bands but i just felt like writing a review of a very fun show.
1.19 Nightwish
2.4 August Burns Red
2.13 Bodom
2.17 Machine Head
2.18 Symphony X
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