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Y&T -- Clisson, France -- June 19th, 2010

Part of Hellfest:

Set Time: 1345 - 1425

Black Tiger
Mean Streak
Dirty Girl
I'm Coming Home
On with the Show
Rescue Me

Here are a few others from the fest:


Set Time: 1700 - 1750 (June 20th)

Heavy Metal Thunder
Motorcycle Man
Dogs of War
Demon Sweeney Todd
To Hell and Back Again
Live to Rock
Princess of the Night
Wheels of Steel
Denim and Leather (Dedicated to RJD)


Set Time: 1430 - 1520 (June 19th)

Take Control
Live at the Inferno
All For One
Breaking You Down
Rock Until You Drop
Speed of the Reflex
Mind Over Metal
On & On
Break the Chain


Set Time: 1605 - 1700 (June 19th)

March of the Crabs
School Love
Winged Assassins
This is 13
Mothra + Guitar Solo
White Rhino + Drum Solo
Forged in Fire
Metal on Metal
06/21 - Bolt Thrower
07/11 - Armored Saint
07/17 - Riot
07/19 - Rush
08/01 - Boston
08/20 - Saxon
08/22 - Motorhead
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