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Originally Posted by CapnAwesome View Post
1st, I hate you, that's awesome

2nd, 10K Days

3rd... Rosetta Stoned is probably one of the best songs they've ever written, and that's why 10K Days is special to me. Anyone who saw them on their 2007-2009 tour cycle can vouch for me that it was one of the better performances of the show....I would hope...
That is funny. My bad.

Yeah I saw tool 3 times on the last round of Touring and I wish I heard a great version of Rosetta Stoned but I didn't. Maybe my expectations were too high.

The 1st time the vocals were so low I thought they were doing an extended version until I heard him say E motherfucking T. 2nd time it was similar. 3rd time the vocals were louder but it still wasn't a highlight until the last 3 minutes for me.

I think for that song to really work live they have to really mix the vocals high. The drums sounded incredible but the guitar was drowning out the vocals. Not that I ever saw them at a great venue though.
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