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Originally Posted by The_jman View Post
now, if they could only get megadeth to play RIP, slayer to play Seasons, and Metallica to play the black album which will be 20 years next year, that'd be even cooler. either that or justice in its entirety, it was 20 years last year.
hahaha well while i wouldn't say the black album is shit it is highly overrated and it's just decent. it definitely is the weakest link of their classic albums. i'd personally rather see them do either ride the lightning or kill 'em all in it's entirety.

it does suck that megadeth dropped the RIP set. slayers set looks sweet just too bad it's missing songs off show no mercy. would've been nice to have the antichrist, black magic, die by the sword, tormentor or metal storm/face the slayer in there. however i'm quite amazed they played aggressive perfector in there. i fucking love that song!

and as for anthrax i don't think i'd really care to see them. at least not without belladonna. they didn't become part of the big 4 with john bush
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