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That's cool. I hope Vince brings it like he did for us. The Zep stuff got to me after a while. Rock N' Roll is probably my least favorite Zep song and he could have done Bastard and 10 Seconds to Love instead and killed it even more.

I'm not a big drum solo guy but that was pretty impressive with the Animal Magnetism teaser. It gets cheeseball at the end but I can't remember the last time I saw a drum riser go that high.

I'm sure you guys will get a few more songs. Merriweather is anal about times and I found out they had to pay a 10K penalty to the community assoc. for the show going past 11:pm. Another reason to despise yuppies...
3/3 - Hell Yeah
3/31 - Coal Chamber & Filter
5/16 - Clutch & Mastodon
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