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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I'd have to disagree man. Danzig strikes me as a total egomaniac and no one I mean no one stops people from taking cell phone pics but him. I go to 4 or 5 shows a month on average and have never heard of this policy regardless of how huge or small the band is.

I could only imagine how stupid he felt after acting like a bad ass and getting owned... but to have to live it over and over again and the entire world seeing it... OUCH!

The funny thing is I forgot about it until all this controversy. If he just owned it and put it behind him it would go away. Being a pic nazi only makes him look more like a doucheclown and keeps reminding people that he got flattened by Homer Simpson.
I do agree that the no cell phone thing is shit but no one except him really knows if he's over it. I'm sure if asked he'd say yeah but then if the cell phone thing is brought up then maybe the reason I think would be his. I don't know. High five on the Homer Simpson line though
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