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Originally Posted by ShatteredFlame View Post
Agreed. Great song that is really overlooked.

This might piss people off but am I the only one who thinks Sober is the worst song they have ever written? It is so generic.

And to others: who cares if Right in Two and Wings were played in recent tours, they are better then pretty much every song on this set except Third Eye.

BTW do they play the album version of Third Eye or the Salival one? Both are incredible either way.
We have local cover bands who cover Sober and a few cover Stinkfist. I'd pretty much rather hear ANY Tool song than Sober but that's just me.

The band Deadlock (formerly Burn) used to do Vicarious, Aenima and Eulogy. Man I miss them. The drummer Chris Lembach used to be in Mystic Force and played all 3 songs masterfully. They're going to do a reunion show soon but we'll be lucky to get 1 or 2 Tool songs since they'll be so rusty. They would always open their 2nd set with Eulogy. As much as I love Third Eye i'd still love to see Tool open with Eulogy.
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