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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Well, don't think I'm giving that comment to you because I'm your average friend/coworker who close-mindedly believes every show is exactly the same, I know they're not, even when they have the same setlist. But the subtle differences to me don't really facilitate seeing a show that many times. Out of pure enjoyment of live music I'll go see a band two or three times with the same setlist, if the logistics are reasonable and the shows are affordable. But that many shows that far apart at that cost... yeah, not gonna happen.

glad you pointing out the co$t of a road trip like that in to consideration, that's totaly understandable to me. Because in your previous post you said ''Even with all the money in the world''. If I would have all the money in the world I would probably follow them for a whole frigging tour, what better way to discover the world than travelling to follow Maiden on a tour. Also meeting all kinds of Maiden fan everywhere is really fun too !

Cheers !
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