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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
I get that comment a lot from co-workers or familly members that are not into Maiden ''You're going to see the same show 6 times ?''

For me every Maiden show is different even with the same setlist, there is always something special in an Iron Maiden concert. The excitement is ALWAYS there for me so it's worth the money. 6 shows is the most I ever did for one tour, before that was 5 for the SBIT tour. but usually it's around 3 per tour. This year we decided to abuse a bit hahaha & we have a little rotation for DOD & Paschendale that's a bonus.

but yeah, I get that comment a lot, I didn't think I would get it here though ...
Well, don't think I'm giving that comment to you because I'm your average friend/coworker who close-mindedly believes every show is exactly the same, I know they're not, even when they have the same setlist. But the subtle differences to me don't really facilitate seeing a show that many times. Out of pure enjoyment of live music I'll go see a band two or three times with the same setlist, if the logistics are reasonable and the shows are affordable. But that many shows that far apart at that cost... yeah, not gonna happen.
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